“White Lotus” star Jennifer Coolidge reacts to her SNL parody

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now that The last holiday of the white lotus It’s run its course, everyone just wants more Jennifer Coolidge.

On the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, Chloe Fineman portrays the one and only Coolidge in a scene called “Jennifer Coolidge Impressed by Christmas Stuff.” In this impersonation, Feynman hilariously weighs in as Coolidge on various holiday items, and he really gets the voice and facial expressions.

“Oh look at that, a big stocking full of presents,” says Feynman. You know, the best stocking stuffer is… one foot.

Fineman’s Coolidge doesn’t find everything as attractive as stockings.

“Mmm, a big egg cup,” says Feynman. “Kind of weird.”

After the show aired, the real Coolidge entered the scene with a holiday game — Feynman proved his impression.

“Wow! A huge thank you to @NBCSNL!! And to the super brilliant impressionist Chloe Fineman with your hilarious impersonation!” Coolidge tweeted Sunday.

Coolidge also congratulated the new cast members on the show, saying, “He tried to be one of my cast members but you really nailed it,” before wishing everyone a happy holiday.

In addition to starring in The White Lotus, Coolidge has appeared in films such as The Best Show, Legally Blonde, and American Pie. She won an Emmy Award for playing the role of Tanya in the first season of Lotus.

Saturday’s episode of SNL was hosted by Austin Butler and marked Cecily Strong’s departure from the longtime cast.

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