USPS to buy 66,000 electric vehicles to reduce carbon emissions

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The U.S. Postal Service announced Tuesday that it plans to buy at least 66,000 electric delivery vehicles as part of a broader purchase program from now through 2028 to reduce carbon emissions.

The Postal Service is earmarking $9.6 billion — a third of which will come from President Joe Biden’s deflation law — to buy 106,000 delivery vehicles to replace the older vehicles it’s rolling out between now and 2028. . 60,000 of these vehicles will be “next-generation delivery vehicles” while the remaining 46,000 will be “off-the-shelf commercial vehicles”. Of these new vehicles, 45,000 next-generation delivery vehicles and 21,000 off-the-shelf commercial vehicles will be electric.

These vehicles will replace the Postal Service’s 220,000 aging delivery vehicles. Many older cars lack proper air conditioning, advanced safety technology and modern operational requirements. According to a press release.

As the world deals with man-made consequences Climate crisis, policy makers have enacted laws to curb the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon, the main driver of climate change. Human-made greenhouse gas emissions mainly come from burning fossil fuels to produce energy. particle for direct object Top three gasifiers worldwide China, the United States and the European Union. Per capita, the United States and Russia have the highest emissions.

Of the 60,000 next-generation vehicles purchased, at least 75 percent will be battery electric by 2028, the USPS said.

The Postal Service announced that it will continue to explore the possibility of achieving 100 percent electrification of its delivery vehicles. After 2026, the USPS will only buy electric vehicles.

Last December, the Biden administration He signed the executive order to end federal use of gas-powered vehicles by 2035. The USPS announcement that more than 60 percent of its 106,000 next-generation vehicles will be electric is a significant increase from a proposal made earlier this year. In July, USPS It said 40 percent of the 84,500 vehicles it plans to buy will be electric.

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