Understanding the Different Types of Hamsters

In this article, We will describe the types of hamsters that exist. You can use the knowledge you gain from reading this to go out and find the ideal hamster for your house. Hamsters are popular pets due to their adorable appearance, entertaining personality, and easy maintenance. Understanding different hamster breeds is crucial for finding the perfect pet for your household and age, as everyone wants a pet that suits their needs.

How Many Types Of Hamsters Are There?

Cricetinae, a subfamily of 19 hamster species includes 7 genera and 19 distinct breeds. These diverse hamsters have unique physical and behavioral traits due to their geographic origins. Popular pet breeds include Syrian, Campell’s, Roborovski, Winter White, and Chinese dwarf hamsters.

10 Different Types Of Hamsters

There are 7 different genera and 19 officially recognized types of hamsters. The top five hamsters on the list are those that are frequently kept as pets. The 5 different species of hamsters listed below are almost never kept as pets and are typically found in the wild.

Syrian Hamster

Syrian hamsters are popular pets due to their large size and solitary nature. With darker markings and a golden brown color, they can reach up to 6 inches in length. They thrive in cages with proper interaction and entertainment, making them a popular choice for pet owners.

Campbell’s Dwarf Hamster

The Campbell’s Dwarf Hamster, a Russian dwarf hamster, is often misidentified as a Siberian dwarf in pet stores. they are entertaining, friendly, bold, and active and they are Known for their diverse colors and sheens. They thrive in small groups and can develop territorial behavior, making large hamster cages ideal. Additionally, they have a genetic susceptibility to diabetes.

Roborovski Dwarf Hamster

Roborovski hamsters are now common pets due to their adorable personalities and diminutive size. These hamsters have fluffy fur in various colors and an average length of 2 inches. Although not recommended for kids or frequent handling, they provide a lively show. Roborovski hamsters require a large cage and toys to thrive.

Winter White Dwarf Hamster

Winter White Dwarf Hamsters are similar to Campbell’s Dwarf hamsters but are more reserved and subdued. Their gray fur turns white during winter to blend in and avoid being eaten. Finding a 100% pure Winter White Dwarf hamster is challenging due to their potential interbreeding with Campbell’s hamsters.

Chinese Hamster

Chinese hamsters are small, energetic creatures with limited handling and spacious enclosures. They are classified as pests in some states, including New Jersey and California, and require special permits for ownership, sale, and breeding.

The List of types of Hamsters Includes More Names

Chinese Striped Hamster

The Chinese Striped Hamster is native to Asia’s central and eastern regions and they live in steppes, aris, and semiarid grasslands. Burrow dwellers, hunt seeds in the wee hours of the night. With a 3.9-inch body length, wide-set eyes, and a short snout, they are primarily light greyish-brown with a thin stripe on the spine.

Ciscaucasian Hamster

The Ciscaucasian hamster is a unique species found in Russia and Georgia, and they are, also known as the Georgian hamster, It prefers pastures and cultivated land, with a body length of 11 inches. Despite its cute appearance, the hamster is a pest in agriculture, eating grasses, herbs, seeds, and various crops. It has numerous burrows for food storage.

European Hamster

The European hamster is a species in the Cricetus genus and they live in Eurasia, It is an agricultural pest. It is killed for fur and it mostly consumes seeds, legumes, grasses, vegetables, and insects. Although it is not globally endangered, it is found critically endangered in Western European nations.

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Eversmann’s Hamster

Eversmann’s hamster is a native of Kazakhstan and was given that name in honor of the Russian naturalist, zoologist, and explorer Eduard Friedrich Eversmann. It belongs to the Cricetidae family, the second-largest mammal family.

Gansu Hamster

The Cricetidae family also includes the Gansu hamster. It is the sole species in the genus Cansumys and is endemic to China.


Hamster is One of the best pets to bring home. They don’t end up leaving their waste all over the place because, unlike cats and dogs, they thrive in an enclosed space. Regardless of the types of hamsters you select, they are all adorable little furry balls that are entertaining to watch and simple to care for. As long as you help them understand the fundamentals of care and maintenance, hamsters are always good pets for beginners, even for young children.

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