The best PSVR games to try on PS5

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PlayStation VR2 is still a long way off, but there are plenty of PSVR games you can play on it right now. PlayStation 5. You need the original PlayStation VR headset to play them.

PSVR remains a surprisingly good gateway to a vast array of the best VR games. It includes a number of Sony exclusives. So while you wait for PlayStation VR2, you can connect your existing PSVR to PS5 and enjoy VR games. Some of them even benefit from better loading times and graphics.


PlayStation VR survives with the PS5… and a few extra accessories.

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A few words of advice: The PSVR headset is an old technology that requires a complicated cable box and an old PS4 camera that connects to the PS5 with a device. Additional dongle adapter that you need to get from Sony. Also most PSVR games does not want Work with new PS5 DualSense Controller (With the exception of a few cases, such as Star Wars Squadron). For most gamepad games, you’ll need to find an older PS4-era DualShock 4.

Sony’s PSVR also has other optional equipment: stick-like PS Move controllers (which you’ll need for some games) and a light gun-like VR target controller. To keep this list simple, I’ve left out games that only work with them. Below are some great titles that only require a DualShock 4 to work.

Also, many of these games can work as well Without A PSVR headset is VR optional, but the headset adds a different level of immersion that’s often really compelling, with the downside of a lower resolution screen than a 4K TV.

Media molecule

The Browsable World of Media Molecule User-generated stuff is impossible to explain, but you can build your own VR dream here. Or discover others. Dreams works without a VR headset, but VR just adds a whole new dimension to exploration.

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EA / Screenshot by Sean Kane / CNET

A great Star Wars game without a VR headset It gets even better with one You can use your DualSense controller, as the game does not track the movement of the controller in space.

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Sony Interactive Entertainment

The best Sony VR exclusive, and a must play if you get a PSVR headset. The same team that made Astro’s Playroom – a game built on your PS5 that shows off the amazing tricks of the DualSense controller – also made this showcase for the PSVR headset. It plays like a fantastic VR version of a Mario-type platformer. I like it even more than the Astro game room.

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play Station

An artistic exploration puzzle game featuring fantastical alien worlds, strange impossible creatures, and a simple interface that forces you to explore what you have to do. This is a great game to immerse yourself in the atmosphere. And really, it’s so weird — and beautiful.

Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony’s PS4 version of the classic racing series works beautifully in VR and doesn’t bore you too much. The advantage of VR is ultimately focus. (Sony’s Driveclub is another option.)

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Hello games

An endless sci-fi space exploration game that keeps getting better with age. No Man’s Sky It now supports VR for the entire game (if you’re playing the PS4 version). Recent updates have also optimized graphics and loading times. Again, you can also play this without a headset or go back and forth.

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