Understanding the Basis of Comparison of Buffalo Vs Bison

Making a size comparison of buffalo vs bison is the simplest technique to distinguish between buffalo and bison. A regular bison measures around 12 feet from head to tail and weighs about 2200 pounds, whereas a water buffalo is only about nine feet long and weighs close to 2700 pounds. Water buffalo are the biggest animals at close to 2700 pounds.

The shoulders and heads of bison are larger than those of buffalo, as well. Like goats, they have thick coats that they shed in the spring and the first few weeks of the summer, as well as long beards. Examining the horns of the animal will help you distinguish it from a buffalo or bison.

Difference Between Bison and Buffalo

Despite being 11 feet long, Cape buffaloes typically weigh less than a ton. While buffalo of both species is closer to four or five feet tall, bulls from both species of bison stand about six feet tall.

Comparing Buffalo vs Bison

Basis Bison Buffalo
Size They weigh between 2,200lbs -2,500, and their height is between 5ft-6ft They weigh between 1,300lbs – 2,000lbs, and their height is between 4ft – 4.5ft
Speed and Movement Type Their speed is 35 mph Their speed is 30 mph
Horns The length of their shorthorns is up to 2ft. The length of their Longhorns grow 6ft horizontally and then curl up another 2-3ft
Senses They have poor eyesight as they are nearsighted, and also have a powerful sense of smell that can locate animals more than a mile away

They have a great sense of hearing 

They have a Great sense of smell, and Very good eyesight with Excellent sense of hearing
Defenses They have Vast body size and High-speed They have Massive bodies and Speed
Offensive Capabilities They trample and also Ramming with horns They Can trample and stomp on other creatures and also Uses horns to gore enemies  

Types of Bison and Buffalo

There are three different species of buffalo, as well as three different types of bison, though we will mostly concentrate on the American Bison and the African Buffalo. They have certain physical changes as a result of their different geographic locations.

However, when examining their most pronounced distinctions, it is evident that bison and buffalo are very diverse and simple to distinguish from one another.

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Animal Husbandry

By examining the three kinds of buffalo, we will begin to investigate the several subspecies.

  • African/Cape (Syncerus caffer)

The Cape species, which are widespread throughout Africa, are distinguished by their broad, curling horns, which mostly encircle the tops of their heads.

  • Asian water (Bubalus arnee)

Primarily found in India, this animal is endangered and resembles a domestic cow, save for its horns.

  • Domestic water (Bubalus bubalis)

China and other Asian countries are home to these more compact species.

It’s also crucial to consider the various species of bison that can be found today. 

It’s interesting that bison may be found in portions of Europe and North America.

  • American

There are two subspecies of this animal native to North America.

  • Plains (Bison bison)

These animals are found mostly on the American prairie.

  • Wood (Bison bison Athabasca)

This species can be found in the boreal forests of Canada and Alaska.

The 6 Key Differences Between Bison and Buffalo

Bison and buffalo are two distinct animals with distinct physical characteristics. Bison are larger, heavier, and have larger heads, while buffalo have longer, thinner horns that curl up. Bison are found in North America and small parts of Eastern Europe, while buffalo live in Africa and Asia and have larger numbers in the wild. Bison have a large shoulder hump and a shaggy fur coat, while buffalo have large, pronounced horns that curl up.

Buffalo vs Bison: Location

In Asia and Africa, buffaloes are common. But you can find bison in both North America and Europe. So, compared to buffalo, bison must have thicker fur since they must endure colder climates.

Buffalo vs Bison: Head and shoulders

Massive shoulders and a head hump are characteristics of bison. The heads of buffalo are much more in line with their body, and they are devoid of a hump.

Buffalo vs Bison: Body shape

Buffalo and bison have distinct body shapes. Buffalo have straight backs with angled necks, while bison have larger fronts due to their large heads and shoulder humps, and their backs slope downward from shoulder to rump.

Buffalo vs Bison Horns

The comparison of horns between Asian and African buffalo, as well as bison, is crucial. Bison have short, slender horns, while water buffalo have wider, sideways-grown horns with spans up to six feet. African buffalo have wide, resembling handlebar mustaches.

Buffalo vs Bison: Fur

Buffalo are year-round residents with thin, scanty fur. In the winter, bison have a shaggy coat that they shed in the summer. These animals’ fur makes it simple to distinguish between the two.

Buffalo vs Bison: Size

Generally speaking, bison are larger, heavier, and taller than buffalo. Despite the fact that Asian water buffalo are heavier than both, weighing in as close to 3000 pounds, African buffalo are smaller in all three dimensions.

These are the main distinctions between bison and buffalo, making it much simpler to understand how one animal differs from the others.

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