Do Cats Understand the Changing of the Seasons?

calico cat on window staring at snow

Welcome to Jiozee Pets, The changing of the seasons can be an exciting time for humans. The transition from hot to cold or wet to dry could entail adjustments, such as a change in wardrobe or the use of air conditioning or heaters. Differences in routine and behavior are also necessary responses to seasonal changes. … Read more

Is Redondo Beach Dog Friendly? What You Need to Know!

dog running in the beach

Welcome to Jiozee Pets, Redondo Beach is a popular seaside destination for beachgoers and dog lovers alike. With its generous coastline, wide sandy beaches, and an abundance of attractions, it’s no wonder people flock to this sunny spot in California. But what about Fido? Is Redondo Beach dog friendly? Yes! Redondo Beach is indeed a … Read more

8 Reasons Why Your Cat Sneezes on You (Based on Science)

Cat sneeze

Welcome to Jiozee Pets, Cat sneezes are generally not something that makes you pause unless they occur often. To determine if your cat’s sneezes are communicating something you should act upon, you have to investigate the reason behind them. We’ve collected together all the potential reasons behind your cat’s sneezes. Although the occasional sneeze is … Read more