NASA’s InSight Mars lander is dying. This may be its last image

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Dust, rocks, foggy horizon. This is the view NASA The InSight lander as it enters its final days on mars Lander with solar energy He examined the interior of the planet And Measured its earthquakes, but the relentless dust of the red planet has suffocated its power. Now we see its last images from our time in another world.

The InSight team shared a Bitter tweet on Monday It is written from the perspective of the lander. “I’m really low on energy, so this might be the last picture I can post. Don’t worry about me: my time here has been both productive and relaxing,” Tim wrote. “If I can talk to my mission team, I will, but I’ll be signing off here shortly. Thanks for staying with me.”

This image appears to be from December 11th. This is the most recent image shown in it InSight raw image feed. NASA prioritized powering the lander’s seismometer to listen for Marsquakes, so it turned off many of the lander’s other instruments. We have received new images for the occasion.

This photo gives us a view from the front of the lander in late afternoon on Mars. A covered dome seismometer stands out against the dusty ground. “Distortion from the wide-angle lens bends the distant horizon into a curve, while low-angle sunlight flares the small bluish lens on the right,” NASA said.

InSight landed on Mars in 2018 and outlived its original mission. NASA will officially end its mission when it is no longer able to communicate with Earth.

In addition to the landscape image, we also have The ultimate InSight selfie Remember from earlier this year. Its legacy will not be just postcards and memories. The scientific work he did will continue long after the lander is powered down.

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