Important Things About German Shepherd Dog’s Diet & Treatment

German Shepherd dogs are one of the most loved and cherished breeds in India. They come in second place after Labrador and are also included in the category of best dogs in the world.

These dogs are known all over the world as excellent guards and family dogs, due to their distinctive features and qualities that set them apart from other dog breeds.

German Shepherd Dogs Temperament

This dog is a large-size dog that most people like to keep as a guard dog to protect their home and property. But apart from this, it is also a very good family dog.

These dogs are very cute, and intelligent and they are completely devoted and loyal to their owner and family. And have a sense of love and protection for them.

As we said, the German Shepherd Dog is known as a guard dog, due to which its nature is a bit fierce and defensive. Especially in front of strangers and outsiders or it can be a bit fierce when someone bothers them too much.

And if this dog is not properly trained and socialized, it can become extremely angry and aggressive, and out of control.

The Body Structure of a German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherd dogs are large in size and extremely agile, such as an adult male dog weighing 30 to 40 kg and a height of 60 to 65 cm. And a female weighing 25 to 35 kg and a height of 55 to 60 cm. On the other hand, their average age of them is 10 to 13 years. And they can run at a speed of 48 kilometers per hour.

Their head is medium in size and the muzzle is square in shape. And the jaws are very strong, the nose is black in color and the eyes are medium in size, ears of them are erect and the shape of a long triangle. The neck is long, thick, and thickly-haired.

German Shepherd Dogs’ hair mainly exists in single, double, and long hair coats. And the hair is thick, long, and shiny. Which is usually seen in black and tan, red and black, and completely black color dogs have long tails.

German Shepherd Dogs Health

Although the German Shepherd Dog is a healthy dog, a very good runner, and very aggressive. That is why it is used in police and military departments as a police dog or military dog.

Health Problem #1

According to a survey conducted by the Orthopaedic Foundation for Animals, 19 percent of German Shepherd dogs are affected by hip dysplasia. Which is one of the common problems occurring in them.

This could be because of the food given to them, which is low in nutrients, or the selection of an unhealthy dog while purchasing the dog.

Health Problem # 2

Another health problem seen in these dogs is Von Willebrand’s disease, which is a blood disease, also known as vWD. The process of blood clotting is affected, and most of them have this problem from birth.

Health Problem #3

Canine Hipsia (CHD) is a condition affecting the hip joint and surrounding tissues that can cause them to have joint pain and swelling around the pelvis.

Characteristics of the German Shepherd Dogs

What’s so special about German Shepherd Dogs? They are very intelligent, powerful, and agile, although they are known all over the world as guard dogs. They are also great family dogs, and they are on the third number in the list of most intelligent dogs.

The German Shepherd Dog is also famous for its loyalty and for seeing its owner in any kind of trouble. It starts showing its defensive nature very quickly, apart from this, it is a very good student in terms of learning new things very easily. Because of this, it becomes very easy to give them any kind of training.

They are in the category of guard dogs whose ability to smell and understand things is much higher than other dogs. This gives them a different status from normal dogs.

Their physical structure is quite different from other dogs, due to which it is known and very popular all over the world. And its physical structure makes it an excellent runner. An adult healthy German Shepherd Dog can run at speed. 48 kilometers per hour.

Their coat, body structure, and size make them beautiful and make them stand out from the crowd.

They are known to be the best guard dogs, they are not at all friendly with strangers. And will not allow any outsider or unknown person to go near you or your property without your permission.

German Shepherd Dogs Identification

Due to the high popularity of German Shepherd Dogs, their demand in the dog market is also very high. Some breeders use it for their own benefit and breed and sell impure and mixed German Shepherd dogs wrongly.

In such a situation, people who want to keep a German Shepherd Dog have a dilemma in their mind: how to identify a pure German Shepherd dog? So for this, there are some parameters (signs) with the help of which you can identify a pure dog.

1. Friends, you can also identify a pure dog by its ears. Their ears are present in the upper part of the head and the distance between the two ears is less than that of other dogs. And after 2 to 3 months their ears stand up.

2. The purity of this dog can also be confirmed by its paws. The paws of a pure breed are thick, wide, and spread wide.

3. The back legs of a basic German Shepherd Dogs are arched (as shown in the photo below) and shorter than the front legs. And the back of the body is slightly arched when it is standing. If you buy a dog be sure to check its feet.

Some More Identifications

4. If the tail of a German Shepherd Dogs is higher than its body and curled in the shape of a ring. Then it is a sign of impurity. The tail shape of a purebred German Shepherd Dogs is always thick, bushy, and straight as it curves down.

5. Another way you can judge the purity of a German Shepherd dog is the shape of its head. Standing in shape and full face is visible.

6. They are very agile, fast, and playful, due to which their energy level is very high. And sometimes you may have some difficulty controlling them. That is, they are agile. And the energy level of their body also symbolizes their purity.

German Shepherd Dogs Food

The German Shepherd Dogs is a medium-large dog breed that requires a higher amount of nutritious food than a smaller-sized dog and it is very important for a growing dog to get enough food at the right time.

Feed them a diet that is rich in omega 3, omega 6, iron, and calcium, all of which protect and strengthen bones and muscles. And at the same time, such food should be given which contains a sufficient amount of fiber, fiber helps in digesting food easily.

Apart from this, you can also give boiled eggs, oats without sugar, milk, and boiled moss to the German Shepherd Dogs at home and you can also give chhena with it.

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