Everything you need to remember about Avatar before you see Waterway

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More than a decade has passed since then Avatar James Cameron It made its way to the silver screen. The visual effects show, which tells the story of greedy humans trying to steal the natural resources of a distant planet, became the highest-grossing film of all time. It has reached 2.9 billion dollars Globally.

Now the awaited sequel, Avatar: The Way of Water, is being released in cinemas. The Waterway is the first of four sequels. It follows the story of Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), Nitiri (Zoe Saldana) and the ruthless humans who plunder their planet Pandora. They are not the only familiar faces that have returned. Sigourney Weaver, Giovanni Ribisi, and Stephen Lang are in the cast, along with newcomers Kate Winslet, Edie Falco, and Jamin Clement.

CNET’s Richard Trenholm He says that the film is breathtaking and at the same time difficult. In his review, he writes: “This is a sci-fi blockbuster, a masterclass in visual effects, and the best nature documentary you’ll ever see.”

If it’s been a while since you last saw the original Avatar, here’s everything you need to remember about Cameron’s 2009 sci-fi flick.

Who are the Na’vi?

The Na’vi are the inhabitants of the planet Pandora. They are blue, about 10 feet (3 m) tall, worship a goddess named Eva, and mate for life. In the original movie, the Na’vi live in a forest, although other Na’vi clans live elsewhere on the planet. The sequel takes us underwater and introduces us to some other Na’vi groups.

Why did humans come to Pandora?

The year is 2154 and the earth has lost its natural resources. The film’s main conflict is because a group called the Resource Development Authority, or RDA, wants to mine a mineral found on Pandora called unobtanium (yes, really). In particular, there is a concentration of unobtanium under a tree that the Na’vi call their Hometree, a tree of considerable cultural and spiritual significance.

How do humans navigate?

Pandora’s atmosphere is impenetrable to humans, so Earth scientists combined human and Na’vi DNA to create Na’vi clones. Humans can then remotely control those clones, called avatars.

How did Jake Sally get involved?

Jake Sully is a former Marine who has lost the use of his legs. He ends up replacing his twin brother, who had a contract to go to Pandora and start the Avatar Navi, but was murdered. Jake directs an avatar to infiltrate the Na’vi to spy on them, but ends up sympathizing with the magnificent race and is drawn to the beguiling Nithiri, the tribe’s princess.

Is Pandora safe after all?

In the final conflict between the humans and the Na’vi, Pandora’s wildlife comes to the rescue. This is believed to be because Jake prayed to Eva for help. All humans, with a few exceptions, are expelled from Pandora.

What will happen to Jake and Nitiri?

During the movie, Jake and Nitiri fall in love and commit to each other. Although he originally worked for the RDA, Jake defected to the Navies and fought with them against the humans. Back in the film, RDA Colonel Miles Quaritch (Stephen Long), the villain of the operation, exposes Jake’s human body to Pandora and tries to kill his avatar, which Nitiri kills with a few good shots. Jake is permanently transported to his avatar. Although Quaritch dies in the film, Lang returns for Waterway and his character is listed on IMDB as Quaritch.

How about Dr. Grace Augustine?

Grace Augustine (Sigourney Weaver) plays a scientist who has worked with the Na’vi for years. He also works with RDA on the Avatar project. Like Jake, he finds himself torn between humans and navies. Eventually, he decides to help Navi, but ends up getting shot trying to escape. Although the Na’vi try to heal him and permanently transfer him to his avatar, he dies. Weaver is returning for the sequel, but her character is listed as Kiri.

Where does the sequence begin?

Although we don’t have the full details yet, it seems from the trailers for The Way of Water that it takes place sometime in the future when Jake and Nitiri have a child. They also seem to have left the forest and met up with another clan of Na’vi who live near the water. But even if the humans escaped last time, they’re back to cause more trouble.

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