Protecting Indian Softshell Turtle: Habitat and Conservation

Indian softshell turtle

The Indian Softshell Turtle (Nilssonia gangetica), commonly known as the Ganges Softshell Turtle, is endemic to freshwater habitats and is restricted to the Ganges, Indus, and Mahanadi rivers in northern and eastern India. This turtle is easily identified by its flattened shell and large, tube-like snout. Its exterior characteristics enable ideal adaptation to riparian habitat, … Read more

Shoebill Bird: Giant of Central Africa’s Wetlands

shoebill bird

A bird found only in the wetlands and swamps of Central and East Africa, the shoebill stork (Balaeniceps rex) is large and broad. Huge wings, a large body, and a shoe-like bill characterize this gigantic bird. Also, this bird’s prehistoric-looking ancestry is believed to link it to the legendary dinosaurs! This bird is more common … Read more

Green Peafowl: Appearance, Diet, Habits, Matings & More

green peafowl

One species of peafowl indigenous to Southeast Asia’s tropical woods is the green peafowl (Pavo muticus). These birds are occasionally targeted by the pet trade, feather collectors, and even hunters for meat because of their natural beauty. Despite their rather high maintenance care requirements, they are a highly sought-after bird for home and private aviculturists. … Read more

Caiques: Vibrant, Energetic, Entertaining Parrot Companions


A caique (pronounced “kah-eek”) can be the ideal bird for you if you’re looking for something elegant, perceptive, energetic, and highly entertaining. These animated little parrots are referred to as the clowns of the bird kingdom because they have so much personality packed into such a small package of feathers. Numerous bird enthusiasts have quickly … Read more

Sun Conure: A Comprehensive Guide to Care and Behavior

Sun Conure

Companion birds have long been popular, and the sun conure is no exception. It is brilliantly colorful, personable, and full of personality. These clever, tame parrots are well-suited as family pets because of their lively dispositions and intelligence. One of the loudest medium-sized parrots, owners should be ready for this noisy bird. Conures are therefore … Read more

The Enigmatic Rose-Ringed Parakeet: A Colorful Intruder

rose-ringed parakeet

Psittacula krameri, the scientific name for the rose-ringed parakeet, is a colorful and endearing bird that has spread its wings and settled all over the world. This species of parakeet, which is originally from Africa and South Asia, has established healthy populations far outside of its natural range. The global spread of the rose-ringed parakeet … Read more

Caring for Quaker Parrots: Tips for Happy, Healthy Birds

quaker parrots

The endearing and humorous characteristics of Quaker parrots, also referred to as monk parakeets are well-known, as is their eagerness to pick up human speech. For avian enthusiasts seeking the excitement of a huge parrot in a more compact form factor, this is a great option. Popular as pets, they make excellent first pets and … Read more