Bichon Frise Price in India, Grooming, Diet & More

You don’t need to look much further than the Bichon Frise if you’ve ever wanted to adopt a Tuffy, just rounder and fluffier. It is a tiny dog, or a toy dog as most people refer to it. Here are some things you should know before acquiring a Bichon Frise, one of the canines that are featured in popular culture the most. However, in this blog, we are going to learn about the Bichon Frise Price In India, its grooming tips, health issues, and more important information related to it.

List of Bichon Frise Price In India

Different Locations Prices
Bichon Frise Price in Delhi ₹40,000 to ₹65,000
Bichon Frise Price in Kolkata ₹35,000 to ₹60,000
Bichon Frise Price in Mumbai ₹35,000 to ₹60,000
Bichon Frise Price in Agra ₹32,000 to ₹55,000
Bichon Frise Price in Chennai ₹35,000 to ₹60,000
Bichon Frise Price in Pune ₹30,000 to ₹50,000
Bichon Frise Price in Bangalore ₹25,000 to ₹55,000
Bichon Frise Prices in Hyderabad ₹28,000 to ₹50,000
Bichon Frise Price in Chandigarh ₹29,000 to ₹52,000
Bichon Frise Price in Kerala ₹32,000 to ₹65,000
Bichon Frise Price in Jaipur ₹37,000 to ₹60,000
Bichon Frise Price in Indore ₹40,000 to ₹63,000
Bichon Frise Price In Ahmedabad ₹30,000 to ₹68,000
Bichon Frise Price In Lucknow ₹35,000 to ₹70,000
Bichon Frise Price In Nagpur ₹40,000 to ₹72,000
Bichon Frise Price In Coimbatore ₹32,000 to ₹95,000
Bichon Frise Price In Bhubaneswar ₹28,000 to ₹64,000
Bichon Frise Price In Punjab ₹38,000 to ₹58,000
Bichon Frise Price In Tamilnadu ₹28,000 to ₹60,000

Bichon Frise Price In India

The gender, legitimacy, purebred status, and breeder from whom the Bichon Frise is purchased all affect the Bichon Frise price in India. Breeders provide three different varieties of the Bichon Frise: basic, KCI-certified, and show quality. The cost of the entry-level model is between Rs 25,000 and Rs 30,000, the KCI certification is between Rs 35,000 and Rs 55,000, and the price of a show-quality dog can range from Rs 60,000 to Rs 90,000. Regardless of the variation you choose, always work with a reputable breeder.

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Monthly Maintenance Cost

It is advisable to introduce the Bichon Frise to grooming at a young age and to make it pleasant and delightful because the breed requires significant grooming. As required by most show standards, a show dog would need its cut to be at full volume. Following the arrival of your dog at home, make sure to keep all scheduled vaccines and health exams. The Bichon Frise requires extensive grooming, thus its monthly care cost may range from Rs. 4,500 to Rs. 5,500. You should be able to get more specific information about the Bichon Frise’s grooming requirements from the breeder you purchased it from.

History And Popularity

The Mediterranean region gave rise to the little dog breed known as the Bichon Frize. The breed also has a lengthy and fascinating history that dates back to the 14th century, especially in Italy and France. The breed had a drop in popularity throughout the 19th century and was frequently employed as street dogs and circus performers. However, a handful of dog lovers fought to resurrect the breed in the early 20th century, and they were ultimately acknowledged by the French Kennel Club in 1933. Bichon frizes were also well-liked by the French populace, who brought them to circuses because of their innate talent for doing tricks. In the 1950s, the Bichon Frize was introduced to the country and rapidly became well-liked as a companion dog. In 1972, the American Kennel Club formally recognized the breed.

Temperament Of The Bichon Frise

When asked to characterize the Bichon Frise, the three qualities gentle, lively, and affectionate immediately come to mind. While they are quite attentive when properly trained, they can be a little territorial. Due to their friendly nature, they get along exceptionally well with kids and can be your most devoted and lovable friends. Although bichons might be challenging to housebreak due to their independence, they are obedient and adore human company. It requires early training, patience, and consistency over the course of several years. They are gregarious dogs who demand a lot of attention and affection to avoid becoming depressed.

Diet Of The Bichon Frise

It’s important to choose a diet that is nutritionally balanced. Because the Bichon Frise has a small stomach, its meals should be similarly sized. Feed him three times a day as a puppy and twice as an adult. To get a balanced diet, give them a combination of dry and canned food. Pick a product that has a complete protein—such as beef or fish—listed as the first ingredient.

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The daily carbohydrate and fiber requirements for the dog would be met by whole grains like barley, quinoa, and brown rice, which are easily digestible grains. It keeps its white coat glossy and smooth by eating foods with veggies and fish oils. Additionally, Bichon Frise requires a lot of water daily, so always keep a full water bowl on hand.

Health Issues of Bichon Frise Dog

Like any breed, Bichon Frises may experience some health problems. Here are some typical health problems to be on the lookout for:

Dental problems: It’s crucial to regularly brush your dog’s teeth and give them dental chews because Bichon Frises are known to be prone to dental problems.

Skin allergies: Bichon Frises are susceptible to skin allergies, which can itch and irritate them. By maintaining good hygiene, skin allergies can be prevented.

Eye problems: Eye issues including cataracts and glaucoma might be present in Bichon Frises. Regular visits to the vet can help detect and treat these problems early.

Care Tips for Bichon Frise Dog

It’s crucial to provide for the health and happiness of your Bichon Frise if you’re proud to be its owner. The following advice will help you care for your Bichon Frise:

Grooming: In order to maintain the condition of their fluffy, white coat, Bichon Frises require routine grooming. This entails daily brushing, periodic hair trimming, and regular ear cleaning.

Exercise: The active and energetic breed of Bichon Frises requires a lot of exercise to stay healthy and happy. To keep them entertained, take them on walks, play fetch with them, and give them lots of toys.

Socialization: Social creatures like to be around people and other pets, Bichon Frises. Make sure to provide them a lot of social engagement to keep them from becoming anxious about being separated.

Training: Although Bichon Frises are bright and simple to train, they can exhibit stubbornness. Training your Bichon Frise requires consistency and positive reinforcement.

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